Debt Collection Harassment Attorney Florida

How to know if it is harassment? 

Have you ever received phone call after phone call from debt collection agencies? If so, you are like many others in today’s world. It may feel very overwhelming and like you are never going to escape these harassing phone calls – but there is hope! Even if you are behind on some bills, it does not mean you should never be able to answer your phone in fear of creditors – which is why debt collection harassment attorneys in Florida can help!

What can an attorney help? Even if you owe these creditors the debt – they still need to follow proper protocol on how to try to collect it. It seems like more, more creditors are using illegal tactics to obtain their debt, and that is when an attorney comes in. They can set up a hearing and try to get what you deserve in financial compensation. Beyond the compensation side of it – they also help take these debt collection agencies down and put an end to the harassing all together.

How do you know if it is harassment?

The time in which the calls are coming in – if it is before 8am or after 9pm, then it is harassment. These creditors know to follow this law and understand that even if time zones vary – this is a law that must be followed.

Calling your work and family – If these debt collection agencies are calling your job or family members without your consent then this is a form of harassment.

Collection of debt that has been paid or removed – Sometimes, you can pay a debt through one company and they still attempt to sell that debt to another. Then you may be tricked into paying it more than once.

There are many ways to know if you are being harassed by a debt collection agency but the best way to know for sure is to contact a debt collection harassment attorney in Florida. They will be able to give you a better understanding of where you are at with your specific case. Do not attempt to deal with this alone, these laws are set-up to help, make sure you use them to your advantage.