Debt Collection Harassment Attorney New Port Richey

How to Stop Debt Collector Harassment

If you are currently stuck in a time with financial hardships, the last thing you need is a debt collector hounding you for something you already know. Whether it is because of credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, or past-due service bills, harassing phone calls from debt collectors can add a considerable amount to your level of stress. One for sure way to stop debt collectors from hounding you is to hire the assistance of a debt collection harassment attorney. New Port Richey residents should be aware that although it is legal for a debt collector to attempt to collect money, it is illegal for them to harass and hound an individual and in which case, the expertise of a harassment attorney will be beneficial.

Why Should I consider Hiring a Harassment Attorney?

The legal aspect of debt collectors and what they can and cannot do or say when dealing with individuals is a fickle thing. So many rules and stipulations are listed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that it can get not only confusing but also a little overwhelming for anyone. With the help of a debt collection harassment attorney, New Port Richey residents can be at ease knowing that a professional who understands all laws relating to debt collection is representing them. To begin with, when you hire an attorney to represent you, you have the option of having the debt collector discuss matters only with the attorney. Not only will you feel better knowing you are in good hands, but a debt collection lawyers will hold debt collectors to a much higher standard and will take legal action if necessary because your rights have been infringed.

What Types of Things Can a Debt Collector Not do?

When you hire the assistance of a debt collection harassment attorney, New Port Richey Residents quickly find out how much of the law they do not understand and what are the rules that debt collectors must abide by. For example, it is not common knowledge to know that it is against the law to call an individual before eight AM and after nine PM. Another good example of why having an attorney is a good thing, debt collectors are not allowed to discuss your current situation with any third party unless it is a spouse or an attorney. Debt collectors are also not allowed to threaten you with arrest or threaten to take legal action against you if the situation does not call for it.