Contacting you directly if you have any attorney

Once the constant, harassing calls from debt collection agencies have become too much to handle, and you hire an attorney at Elkin-Peck PLLC Brooksville/Spring Hill, we will handle everything from that point on. If you are still receiving calls from the debt collectors even knowing you have hired an attorney to handle everything, this just adds to the laws that they are breaking.

It is illegal for debt collectors to overly call and harass as it is, but once you have an attorney then it takes it to an entirely new level. This is when you will start documenting each call and let us know so we can take even further action against the debt collection company.

How will I know if they are the same debt collector?

If you are receiving calls once you have hired an attorney – the first thing you should do is let the debt collector know that you have hired an attorney and that they will be handling all debt collection inquiries and should be the contact point for all communications related to the debt. Now sometimes this does not stop the debt collectors from continuing their harassing calls – and it also is hard to tell if you are getting calls from the same company. Some collection agencies may mislead you into believing they are a different credit company – this is obviously illegal but hard to determine. To make sure you are receiving calls from the same collection agency you just ask them the name of the company, who they are calling on behalf of, and where the debt originally came from. If they are unwilling to give this information to you then make sure you keep a record of the number and call your attorney as soon as possible!

At Elkin-Peck PLLC Brooksville/Spring Hill, our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable on the subject of debt collection harassment. We know all the new ‘tricks’ and do our best to stay on top of it so you can have redress if you are harassed. People getting behind on their bills happens. These same people do not deserve to be called multiple times a day, at odd hours, and be lied to about the amount they owe or who is calling them. It is hard to handle on your own – but our experienced attorneys can help.