Disclosing information about your debt to a third party

Most people have experienced getting behind on their bills, whether it be just one bill or multiple bills – this is not an uncommon thing. Some people are forced to choose between important bills and non-important bills when dealing with a financial dilemma. This can instantly set them up to having to deal with debt collection harassment. This should not be the case. At Elkin-Peck PLLC we know what you are going through and want to make sure you understand that debt collection harassment in Clearwater is completely illegal and you shouldn’t have to suffer.

These debt collection companies are usually not the company you are in debt with – which is what makes everything so confusing for most people. They are debt collection agencies that either buy your debt for half the price and then make attempts to get paid for the entire amount, or they work for your creditor and get a percentage of what they can collect. This would all be fine if they would follow the strict laws that have been placed on them – sadly, often they do not. One of those laws is a prohibition against disclosing information to a third party that affects your reputation – whether it be your significant other, roommate, friend, or distant family member, this type of information is not to be given out to anyone who does not have a legitimate need to know the information disclosed.

We understand that we are all human, and we deserve to be respected as such. When hiring on one of our attorneys you will get the assurance knowing that someone is working on your end to get the debt collection harassment to come to an end. For the harassment you have already endured – you may be compensated for the emotional distress you underwent during the daily phone calls from these debt collectors.