Debt Collection Harassment Florida

Behind on bills: Dealing with harassing bill collectors

If you find that yourself behind on bills – then you may also have noticed your phone ringing more than usual. In today’s world it seems like it is harder and harder to get ahead. It is not anything to be ashamed of – it can happen to anyone!

If you are behind on bills and are also being called multiple times a day to remind you that you are behind – there can seem like no way out. Did you know that there are laws that are out there to protect you from being called with debt collection harassment? Florida residents that are dealing with such harassment should keep reading!

What is debt collection harassment?

Debt collection harassment is when you are receiving constant calls from companies trying to receive payment for your debts. It turns into harassment when it gets threatening, you get calls at work, and you start getting calls that are at all hours of the morning and night.

What if they won’t give you proper information?

If they are calling you to receive payment then it is completely acceptable for you to ask them who they are and want that information – if they refuse to give that to you then you are more than allowed to refuse to give them any of your information. They may be a legitimate company but may not want to give you the information because they know they are not following the laws properly. If they refuse to tell you who they are – that is illegal.

What if they threaten arrest?

This is one of the highest forms of debt collection harassment in Florida. If you are receiving calls saying you will be arrested – it is completely untrue. This is not going to happen and it is against the law for them to claim that it will.

If you are dealing with the debt collection harassment phone calls the best thing you can do is document and report as much as possible. Even if you are behind on your bills – you do not deserved to be harassed for it!