The collection of a debt that has been previously discharged in bankruptcy

Paying off a financial debt is something the majority of people would like to do. To be debt free would be a freedom that most people do not get to experience in their lives. Most people are having to live with knowing that they have much more going out than coming in every month. Sometimes people have to let some of their payments go because they are stretching themselves and their bank accounts thin.


Sometimes people stretch themselves so thin that they are forced to file for bankruptcy. Although the word bankruptcy has a lot of stigma behind it, this can sometimes give people a fresh start so they can rebuild their lives. One of the common problems our attorneys see, at Elkin-Peck PLLC servicing the Inverness area, is debt collectors trying to receive payment even after bankruptcy has discharged a debt. This is not something they are legally allowed to do, but seem to be doing it anyways. Once a debt has been discharged or removed due to bankruptcy, it is cleared. No one should be dealing with the harassment of debt collectors after having to deal with the stress of a bankruptcy.


We at Elkin-Peck PLLC understand that in Inverness debt collection harassment is happening often to struggling families – we also understand how stressful debt collection harassment can be when these families are already dealing with the pressure of debt. We are here to attempt to make sure the harassment stops, so you can get back to living a life without the constant stresses of debt and the constant reminders of the debt in your past from debt collection agencies.


Understanding your rights in regards to debt collection agencies is highly important. Letting these debt collectors time and time again get away with breaking the law is only going to increase their profit and take away from the everyday people that are struggling. Let us be the attorneys to get you through this time where you need assistance the most – going through a bankruptcy is not the end of your world but could be a fresh start to a new one!