Debt collectors pretending to be an attorney

The idea of bill collectors calling is a nightmare to most people. The debt collection agencies go to many lengths to retrieve money that is ‘owed’ to them. Sometimes these debt collectors go as far as breaking the stringent laws that are put on them. We at Elkin-Peck PLLC have heard it all from debt collection people harassing people in New Port Richey. From calling people at work, giving personal information out to just about anyone, even pretending to be an attorney or involved with a law enforcement agency.


This harassment needs to come to an end. This is why it is so important to become knowledgeable in what they are and are not allowed to get away with. Pretending to be an attorney or a law firm is illegal.


Most of the time people won’t even know who these debt collectors are – which may be preventing them from wanting to give them money. When these debt collection companies pretend to be attorneys or in connection with a law enforcement agency, most people are willing to pay in fear of being sued, or worse, arrested. This is an outrage. Make sure you know exactly who you are speaking with before making any payment over the phone.


Here at Elkin-Peck PLLC servicing the New Port Richey area, we are dedicated in giving you the peace you deserve from these harassing debt collection calls. This is not how people should have to suffer when they are already suffering and not being able to pay their bills on time. When hiring an attorney at Elkin-Peck PLLC we will attempt to get you compensated but also our fees are completely payed for by the guilty debt collection agencies.


This is not right, this is not just part of getting behind on bills. These strict laws and regulations have been put in place for a reason – let us help you in making sure they are being followed.