Debt collectors trying to collect more than you owe

This is a growing issue. As we start relying more and more on technology, people are constantly paying for things without making sure it is exactly what they owe. As it seems people have and less and less time, the old days of balancing a checkbook and scrutinizing each bill that comes in seem to be fleeting. If it is your habit to scrutinize all of your bills, keep doing it! Some bills have added late fees and people just assume that it is the amount they should be paying – but how can they be sure?


Aside from phantom late fees, it is possible that a debt collector is trying to collect a debt from you that you do not owe at all. An important thing to do is getting your credit report – and double checking what you owe and to what collection agencies. If you do not recognize a debt, dispute it. If you do recognize a debt and want to pay it off or settle it, you should be sure what is debt and what is a debt collection agency trying to make an unjust profit.


When getting calls from debt collection companies it is hard to be sure where the original debt is coming from. You might even ask and they are unwilling to give that type of information. This lack of information could cause you to pay more to a creditor than you ever were in debt for in the first place. Also, refusing to identify themselves when you ask them to is illegal.


Attorneys at Elkin-Peck PLLC Spring Hill help their clients understand their rights while helping them take back what is theirs. If the debt collection agencies have already led you to believe that you owe more than you originally owed we may be able to take legal action against them, at no cost to you.


What if I paid but later found out that I do not owe any of it?

It is important that you make sure you are sure of the company before making a payment – but if you already made a payment to a debt collector for a non-due debt than we might be able to take the proper legal avenues to get you back your full payment.


Never give your information to anyone over the phone without having the proper information about the debt collection agency. If you feel you are being harassed by a debt collector, contact Elkin-Peck PLLC Spring Hill.