What Debt Collection Agency is Calling Me?

It is common to not know what particular debt collection agency is contacting you. Often you will get debt collection harassment calls from “unknown” or “private” numbers. Sometimes collection agencies will “spoof” the actual number they are calling from and make a local number appear on your caller ID, even though they’re not located in Tarpon Springs. Debt collectors know that people are very reluctant to answer phone calls from toll free numbers because such calls are usually some form of annoying sales or telemarketing call, or from a debt collector. The Consumer law of Tarpon requires debt collectors to tell you who they are, when you ask. If you have received a collection call and the caller refuses to identify who they are or who they are calling on behalf of – that is illegal, and at Elkin-Peck, PLLC servicing Tarpon Springs and the entire Tampa Bay Area, we can potentially sue such an offender and get you money. If you have this type of case, typically our attorney’s fees are on a contingency basis, meaning we do not get paid unless you win.


It is important to keep track all debt collection letters you receive, as well as maintain call logs reflecting who is calling you. It is important to make sure you keep and maintain any voicemails you receive from a debt collector or creditor. We often see people who are getting contacted by different collection agencies about different debts at the same time and this makes it very difficult to keep track of which company is doing what. When you get called by a collection agency ask for the name of the company and where they are located. A collection agency should provide this information immediately, and if they do not you may have a lawsuit we can help you with. Pay close attention because some debt collectors will attempt to have you identify who you are before they will tell you who they are. Do you call someone on the phone and make them tell you who they are before you identify yourself? Of course you don’t. That makes no sense. It makes just as little sense when a debt collection agency does this. If they do any of this, then it is a possibility it could be considered debt collection harassment.


Legally a debt collection agency should be sending you a written communication within five (5) days of first speaking with you on the phone in an effort to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Despite this requirement, we get many reports that this is not happening. The purpose of the initial written communication is to provide you with important notifications, such as who the debt collector is working for, how much you allegedly owe, and giving you notice of your right to dispute the debt and where to direct any such dispute.


You do not have to be the victim of bill collector or debt collector harassment. If you are receiving harassing phone calls or if the caller is refusing to tell you who they are, contact one of the attorneys at Elkin-Peck PLLC servicing Tarpon Springs. Even if it is just to ask a question or two about debt collection laws, we will take your call. There is never any charge for a consultation. We at Elkin-Peck PLLC service Tarpon Springs and take great pride in being able to inform people on what debt collection laws may protect them. Knowledge is power. Even if you owe money we believe you should still be treated with respect and only contacted within the bounds of applicable debt collection laws and most definitely not harassed by the debt collectors.


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