Phone Harassment Clearwater

I think I am Being Harassed, What Should I Do?

Phone harassment is a big issue for large corporations that deal with telecommunications and telephone marketing. With current laws and legislation, phone harassment is viewed as any form of unsolicited telephone communication that in some way threatens the recipient or makes unwanted or obscene remarks and promises. With Phone Harassment, Clearwater residents can build a solid case that might result in the form of monetary compensation if they can prove that they have been annoyed, harassed, or threatened over the phone (and other communication mediums). But how does someone prove that they have been the target of phone harassment?

Record Instances of Harassment and Talk to Your Phone Provider

One of the most important steps to stopping phone harassment from habitually happening is to keep a log of the date and time of an unwanted phone call as well as of description of the call itself. This information would help an individual if they choose to pursue further action by talking to the police or contacting a lawyer about their phone harassment. The police or a lawyer would use this information to try and seek a solution from your phone provider and attempt to find out who it is that is actually calling you all the time. Regardless of the situation, a lot of phone service providers are not willing to disclose their customer’s phone records without a subpoena. This presents an issue for the attorney because a subpoena can only be issued after a lawsuit is filed, and the attorney wants to have a handle on how many calls you received before he files the suit. The two best ways to address this are to create your own detailed call log and/or make sure you create an online account with your cell phone company. Once you have an online account (depending on the provider) you can typically access 30-60 days of incoming call records. If you do not have an online account you are basically at the mercy of your phone company when you ask them for records. Some simply say no. Some charge you money. Some may give you the records but it will require you having to go to the store and ask. The best solution is to keep your own log. Do not rely on someone else to document a lawsuit which potentially could be worth thousands of dollars to you.

Is this the only way to Get Results to my Problem?

While it is always best to tell your case to someone who can take legal action, it is not the only way to potentially help stop someone from constantly disrupting your day. Without law enforcement or an attorney, individuals who are receiving unwanted calls can try to install additional phone blocking measures on their smartphones for phone harassment. Clearwater residents can download apps that have call blocking and access to other blocked numbers registered by other users of the same application. It is not a guarantee to stop these unwanted calls, but it is a great option to consider if current measures are not working for you.