Report Harassing Phone Calls Bradenton

Who Should I report Harassing Phone Calls to?

Almost everyone is in agreement that unwanted or harassing calls are annoying and unnecessary. In order to help yourself and everyone else that gets upset with random calls is to always report harassing phone calls. Bradenton residents might want to pass on additional information to help them and others, but they do not know exactly who it is that deals with these cases. There are actually two major government organizations that are in charge for handling all complaints related to robocalls and telemarketers.  The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission both have ways to report unwanted or harassing phone calls.

When to File a Report with the FTC

The FTC was one of the first government entities to be in charge of holding shady and malicious telemarketers accountable with the implementation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. Apart from helping enforce the laws, in 2003 the FTC was in charge of implementing and monitoring the National Do Not Call List and ways to report harassing phone calls. Bradenton residents who file a complaint are in good hands knowing that this government entity is in charge of following up on reports and claims and hold those who are breaking the law accountable. An FTC report would be more geared towards a scam call that involves money while the FCC reports are geared more towards malicious conduct and communication harassment.

Consider the FCC for Additional Action

The FCC is another government agency that is in charge of holding those who abuse the power of communications accountable. Although the FCC is not in charge of monitoring the National Do Not Call List, they still can be contacted to report harassing phone calls. Bradenton residents should be aware that the FCC is in charge of communication regulations, which includes guidelines and procedures for dealing with new technologies. Autodial systems is a great example of why the FCC is involved with the FTC for help stopping unwanted or harassing phone calls.