Report Harassing Phone Calls Clearwater

Reporting Harassing Phone Calls Not to Government Agencies

Whenever someone receives a phone call that is harassing to them, the first course of action would be to report this number to an attorney, and then to government organizations such as the FTC and the FCC. Unfortunately, it is not always enough to get a hold of these entities and report harassing phone calls. Clearwater residents may still receive unwanted calls from the same number even after they have contacted an attorney or it has been flagged by organizations and you have been placed on government and company specific do not call lists. But there still are additional ways to help make those obnoxious phone calls stop from disturbing you throughout the day. The Do Not Call List does not prevent debt collection calls.

Report Harassing Phone Calls to Your Local Police

Phone harassment is taken very seriously by law enforcement because not all harassing phone calls are simply meant to annoy you or to sell you something. Harassing phone calls can be threatening or malicious which could prompt for legal action if someone wants to proceed, and report harassing phone calls. Clearwater residents should be aware that law enforcement can help an individual identify a caller in specific instances with the power of a subpoena. Many telecommunication companies are not willing to give the name that a number is associated to unless it is caught up in legal matters. Clearwater residents should only use this method if they are receiving threats, and not simply being bothered by an unknown caller.

Hire the Assistance of a Phone Harassment Attorney

If the Do Not Call List doesn’t help you, call an attorney. After reporting harassing phone calls, Clearwater residents should keep a log to document specific instances and times of when the harassing phone calls happen. This will only help to build a case for you as well as possibly helping your attorney receive compensation for you for these repeated instances.