Report Unwanted Calls Clearwater

Why it is Important to Report Unwanted Calls

Many laws and amendments have been implemented to help protect individuals from unwanted or potentially harassing phone calls. While the government has instituted rules and regulations for telephone solicitors to follow many of these companies do not, making it that much important that people report unwanted calls. Without reports and documented instances of a nuisance call, many legal avenues are closed making it less possible that the company held responsible is liable for compensation of their negligence. Unwanted phone calls are the majority of the reports sent to the FCC that regulates the national do-not-call list, but E-mails and text messages can also be reported.

Reporting Unwanted Contact Helps Reduce Phone Calls

It may sound obvious but reporting an unwanted caller to the FCC well increase the chances that you will not get contacted by them ever again. The Federal Communication commission pursues legal action on companies that do not comply with the TCPA or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which sets up strict, rigid rules and regulations for telephone solicitation. While legal action is a great reason to report unwanted calls, Clearwater residents should also report solicitations for an increased chance that they may receive compensation for every documented instance of unwanted cellphone calls and harassment.

Reporting Unwanted Calls Does Not Only Benefit You!

One of the best reasons to always report any harassing or unwanted phone call is because it can also help out other individuals dealing with the same harassing telemarketing company. When the FCC receives enough reports on a specific number or company, they are highly likely to initialize blacklisting. If someone was to report unwanted calls, Clearwater residents would all benefit because more often than not these numbers are associated with auto dialers that call as many people as they can in order to sell them something or potentially trick them into a fraudulent activity.