Stop Unwanted Calls Bradenton

How Does the Government Help Stop Unwanted Calls?

Many individuals thought that some phone calls made by telemarketers to them at odd hours of the day were getting out of hand. Because average citizens do not have the power or authority to change the law, the United States government was asked to step in and help set regulations of the telecommunications industry. One of the more modern additions to their efforts was the creation of the National Do Not Call Registry or DNC, to help stop unwanted calls. Bradenton residents since 2003 have had the option to register on a national recognized list that is honored by all credible telecommunications and telemarketing companies.

What Rules Were Added Along With the DNC?

Even though legislation for new rules on telemarketers was being thought of and voted on in 2003, the actual stipulations of the law were not implemented until 2005. Because a new list of individuals was constantly being added to the National Do Not Call Registry, it was made mandatory that a company that does outbound calls has to check this list at least once a month to make sure they are not calling anyone that does not want to be called. While this rule does help stop unwanted calls, Bradenton residents know all too well that it is not a perfect system. Because they are only required by law to check only once, many times people on the national DNC get unwanted sales calls even when they thought they signed up to not have them.

Rules That Help Stop Telemarketers

United States government agencies that are involved with telecommunication laws and enforcing them like the FCC do not tolerate deceptive or abusive acts and practices.  Regardless if you are registered on the National DO Not Call List, Telemarketers are forbidden to call after 9 p.m. and before 8 a.m. Another rule to help stop unwanted calls, Bradenton residents who do have to speak with a telemarketer must be disclosed to all material information about the good or service they are offering. They cannot lie about the products they are selling or any terms associated with the deal being discussed.