How to Stop Unwanted Calls Clearwater

Simple Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls without Anyone’s Help

One of the best ways to get help with dealing and stopping unwanted calls is to seek outside support from an attorney, the help of your local law enforcement, or talking to your phone service provider. Most phone harassment involving debt collection is illegal and you may be entitled to up to $1000.00 plus legal representation at no cost to you from a Clearwater area consumer attorney. Some instances involving annoying telemarketing do not need the help of a professional as they are minor instances which usually come from being annoyed or being bothered at a time that is inconvenient for you. In minor cases like this, many individuals often try to answer: how to stop unwanted calls? Clearwater residents can try a few different tricks before they ask for the assistance from a professional.

Tell the Caller to Leave You Alone

If the person is calling looking for money tell them to cease and desist calling you. Keep a record of the dates you told them this, their response to your request, and record of subsequent calls. If you have told someone multiple times to cease and desist and they ignore you, call out law firm, as we may be able to get you compensation at no cost to you.

Try Blocking from Your Phone

There are many phone settings and also applications that can help someone prevent receiving unwanted or harassing phone calls without doing anything too drastic. Smartphone devices usually have some sort of call blocking and identification settings where you can block contacts and unknown numbers, giving one answer as how to stop unwanted calls. Clearwater residents may also download applications that are specifically geared to stopping unwanted calls. Usually these applications have user generated Do-Not-Call lists that are constantly being updated with new numbers as people get unwanted calls all of the time.

Register with a National DNC

Do-Not-Call lists are a great way to offer your phone an extra measure of protection without seeking the assistance of a professional. Government entities such as the FCC or the FTC have a national list for all the people who wish not to receive unsolicited phone calls. It is important to note that DNC lists are not a permanent solution to unwanted phone calls as there are a few different stipulations that can make it possible for someone to try and contact you. If it seems to take more than a DNC registration to help answer how to stop unwanted calls, Clearwater residence should seek the assistance of a trained professional such as a phone harassment attorney to help them form case and potentially, receive compensation for instances of unwanted calls.