Stop Unwanted Calls Clearwater

How to Stop Unwanted Calls on a Cellphone or Landline

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with automated robocalls and telemarketers is that even if you register your phone number on the National Do-Not-Call List, you are more likely than not going to still be able to stop unwanted calls. Clearwater residents probably are aware that while The DNC does a great job at stopping a lot of unimportant phone calls from reaching you, the system is not perfect, and people have found ways around being detected by the FCC or Federal Communication Commission. Not only are telemarketers trying to scam people with robocalls, but now they have also started to use text messages and emails to spam and trick people.

Consider Applications to Block Unwanted Text Messages

While no laws have been implemented to deal with spam and scam texts, companies have designed phone applications to keep unwanted calls from bothering you. Someone might ask themselves if the National DNC cannot help me, how can an app stop unwanted calls? Clearwater residents should be aware that apps designed to help block unwanted calls also have their own set of numbers that people submit as unwanted or harassing. These lists are regularly updated as many companies use caller ID spoofing, or the act of constantly changing their number so that they are less likely to get flagged and can reach more people.

What About ways to Stop Unwanted Calls for Landlines?

Land lines are a little bit harder to set up to stop unwanted calls. Clearwater residents who still have access to a landline have to deal with the oldest ways of screening for phone calls. Caller ID with Privacy is one of the ways to help better protect landlines from unwanted calls as the owner will at least be able to identify who it is that is contacting them. Another way to help stop unwanted calls is to install onto your phone anonymous call rejection. This is a way to stop anyone with an anonymous or private id from calling your line without disclosing themselves first.